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Photos posted with permission from Gregor Pommer.

Richey notes 1

I have three of these notes/letters that deafmute (I believe) from the Forever Delayed forums scanned and posted years ago. I can’t recall the source of these writings, so if anyone could provide that information it would be greatly appreciated! I recall my friend JS/bornagirl saying they sounded like letters written to a fan about a mixtape he was given.

Anyway, I came across these again recently and decided to transcribe what I could from them. I’ll edit the others in as I get them done.

There are a few words here and there that I cannot figure out, so if anyone else can fill those in then please comment and give me your best guesses!

Transcription and annotations under the cut.

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This handwritten interview is currently for sale for around $600 via Memorabilia UK. Their description of how the interview was conducted is as follows:

The questions on the sheet we understand originated from one of the groups early Fanzines. J Devon copied them down onto a page from her school exercise book, gave it to a friend at the fan-club and then collected it, as it is now, the answers filled out written in ink by Richey Edwards himself. Just one item from a large collection obtained by J. Devon, who on many occasions met / attended concerts / took part in their creative fan-club fanzine culture and corresponded with the group (especially Richey) during its early days. At this time the Fanzine was run by Carol Askew who went onto enjoy pop-success herself as part of the 90s group Shampoo….

A typed transcript with some annotations follows after the jump.

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I’ve been watching the TV series “Supernatural” for the past month or so, and this screen cap comes from the opening scene of their episode titled “Out with the Old” (season 7, episode 16). For those who might not catch why this is Manics related, there is a lyric that the band revealed was left behind in Richey’s notebooks that read “I feel like cutting the feet off a ballerina” (there is a JFPL interview that discusses the lyric here.)

As far as I know, there is no direct connection to Richey or the Manics through this scene, but obviously I couldn’t think of anything else but that lyric when this image was shown :P

Have you ever come across a scene that somehow depicted an obscure Richey/Manics lyric (that wasn’t clearly the inspiration for the lyric in the first place)? Feel free to share if you have!

“Dogs” by kim ki o is an instrumental song that features snippets of Richey’s voice from interviews.

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Matthieu Gregoire & Val Bird
Check out the collages in the photos for some sneaky Manics photos. It’s all come full circle now ;)

Instagram photos by helvisj

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helvisj1 helvisj2

Photos uploaded recently by Instagram user helvisj (http://instagram.com/helvisj). His caption reads “Before the show with Richey Edward (R.I.P) of Manic Street Preahers, Gold Against The Soul Tour.”